Night prayer for January 6

Merciful God, I turn to you tonight to give you infinite thanks for this beautiful day that I was able to live. Thank you for all these moments that you granted me where I could share joys and sorrows with my family and with my friends. Tonight, I want your name to be the last thing I say before going to bed.

My good Lord, thank you. I give you for the blessings you had for me and thank you for staying close to my heart at all times. Thank you that you gave me the happiness and privilege of experiencing your goodness, and because of all the steps that I took, I did them knowing that you were constantly supporting me.

 I thank you tonight, divine God because you give health to my family because I can return to a home where I can take refuge, because I have the food that serves to nourish my body and because you give me the strength and perseverance not to decay in the trials of life. Thank you for being by my side through every obstacle that was presented to me and thanks to you for placing yourself in my mind to give me the wisdom to solve my problems.

Blessed Lord, take all my faults, my failures, my mistakes, and my offenses and cleanse them from my life with your precious blood and grant me the forgiveness I need to be in grace with you. Be my guardian and protector tonight, merciful Father. Guard my home against danger, guard my family against the threats of the enemy, and illuminate the darkness with your resplendent presence.

I do not want to go to rest, Eternal Father, without asking you for the people who need you, for those who have decided not to choose you, and for those who are going through many moments of sadness and loneliness. Grant them your mercy, so that they may seek you and strengthen themselves in your love.

 Thank you, my beloved Father, for taking care of my family every day. Thank you because I know that you are aware of my prayers and my supplications. Thank you because you know my needs and because I know that you will give me what I want at the times that you deem appropriate. I ask that you restore the problems that are happening in my home and that you give us the wisdom, love, and understanding to move forward.

My beloved Lord, if it is your will, grant me a new tomorrow to live it with great joy and trust in your love. Pour your blessings on me and open the paths that will lead me to the victory, prosperity, and happiness that I long for.

Help me to awaken completely revitalized to carry out my plans and fight for all of my ideals. Trace the path that I must follow and illuminate my steps, helping me to remove the stones that may appear on my path, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.

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