Night prayer for January 7

My beloved Father, tonight I come before your presence to thank you because I have been able to reach the end of the day enjoying health. I thank you because, despite the difficulties, you continue to place blessings in my life and give me your comfort. Thank you because throughout the day you stayed close to me.

Wonderful God, thank you because your love enveloped me throughout the morning because I could feel and experience how precious your mercy and your goodness is.  I could recognize you in the simple things that you put in my way and thank you because, with every detail that you give me, you show me that you are there for me at all times.

Blessed Lord, I thank you because you did not allow any evil to knock on my door because you took care of me and protected me at all times. Thank you because you gave me the happiness of returning home safely and because you allowed me to reunite with my family again, protected by your mighty presence.

You do not let need pass, you do not abandon me at any time. I thank you, my merciful God because on this day you satisfied my need for food, clothing, and shelter. Thank you for pouring out so many blessings in my home, blessed Lord, because Your presence in my life is important at all times.

Heavenly Father, I want to offer you my fatigue and my tiredness tonight, so that you can take them sweetly and give me a good rest, that I can revitalize myself and thus, have a new awakening full of energy to live it. I offer you my dreams and the plans I have for tomorrow so that you can help me achieve them if that is your will, God of my life.

Fill me with faith and hope. Give me strength and courage to face the challenges that will be tomorrow. Give me the necessary wisdom not to lose control and always have the ideal response to every situation that comes my way. Give me the humility to receive help when I need it and do not let so many blessings make me forget to thank you, O my good and faithful Lord.

Father of mercy, tonight I ask for a peaceful rest, free from disturbances, that you can take away the worries of tomorrow and that you grant me the calm to rest my body on my bed. If it is your will, give me a new dawn by your side.

My Lord, I thank you again for this day that you gave me, thank you for all the moments you gave me, and for all the people who shared this day with me. I have faith that better days will come and that it is all part of a beautiful plan that you have for me. Give me hope to continue believing in your promises, Lord, in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen.

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