Night prayer for January 8

Dear Lord, I fall on my knees before your presence to thank you for this beautiful day that you gave me. Thank you because I concluded the day holding your hand and because throughout the day you did not leave my side. Thank you for taking care of me and protecting me in every step that I was able to take.

Thank you my Lord for all the moments that I shared, for all the lessons that I was able to learn, for the moments that I enjoyed with the people you put in my path. Blessed Lord, my lips want to praise You and give You honor tonight, for I want this praise to be the last word on which my heart rests.

Before going to sleep, I want to ask you to listen to my prayer and to pour out your blessing on my home, on my family, and on the people who need you. Beautiful Father, give hope to the people who require a word of encouragement and that their spirits be renewed so that they have the certainty that you are the only God in whom they have to place all their trust.

May this night serve to give you infinite thanks because you choose me to reward me with the miracle of life, thank you because you accompany me at all times, thank you because your sweet voice will lull me tonight and will make me rest protected and loved.

Thank you, beloved Father, for protecting my family, because you allow them to be healthy and because you allow me to share the days with them. Thank you for giving us your love and helping us to stay together despite difficulties. Thank you, my Lord, because you give us the strength to support each other, to overcome the difficulties that we may face.

Blessed Lord, may your glowing heart illuminate this night. Forgive my sins and all the bad actions that I could commit. I ask that your mercy may reach me and pour out your grace on me so that my heart will be cleansed of all the bad that could accumulate in this long journey.

Heavenly Father, thank you for making you the center of my life. You have all my attention, adored the Lord and all my love is for You. Give me the necessary rest to help me regain my energy, to be able to achieve my projects tomorrow. Take care and protect my sleep, blessed Lord, may my mind relax and find the rest I need.

Thank you Divine Creator for attending to my prayers, thank you because night after night you answer my prayer. Allow me to have a calm and peaceful rest, I take shelter in your arms to abandon myself to your love. If it is your will, grant me a new day full of much hope and joy, in the beautiful name of your only Son Jesus, our Lord, Amen.

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