Night prayer for January 9

Blessed Father, the night is with us once more, the stars embellish the black sky and I approach your presence to thank you for this moment where I feel your love. Thank you, divine Father, for every moment that I was able to share, thank you because your paths are the ideal ones to move forward and because you protect me from the temptations of the evil one.

Dear God, I want to ask your forgiveness for all the bad acts that I could commit. Sorry because adverse situations, rejections, disappointments, and disappointments made my faith decrease, sorry because I did not know how to help people who needed me and because I did not know how to forgive when resentment took hold of me.

Father of mercy, forgive me for not standing firm in what I decide, for being fickle, and for believing that I do not have the strength to pass the tests. Forgive me because I forget you are by my side and because I feel lonely when I shouldn’t. Thank you that tonight I was able to recognize it.

Heavenly Father, infinite thanks because you lend health to my family because you do not allow us to suffer needs, thank you because you keep them well and because you protect their steps back home. Thank you that you grant blessings in their different activities: in their jobs, in their studies, and in the things they can do to support themselves.

My God, I ask you not to abandon their needs for any moment that your protection and favor descend on my home to keep them safe from the enemy and with many unions. We give the gift of prayer so that, from our unity, we can be a family that serves you with all our hearts.

Tonight, blessed Father, I want to give you all my burdens, all the sorrows that I have accumulated in the journey, and all the worries that my mind could retain. I ask you to take charge of it and to free me from all disturbances so that I can have a calm rest to regain the strength that I lost this morning.

Precious God, every moment is good to praise You and to bless You, I want to raise my prayer with a lot of faith and trust, adorning its letters with beautiful words for You, because only You are Holy and only You are the path that I must follow to find my salvation.

My beloved king, I ask you to grant me one more day of life, if it is your will, with new opportunities to carry out my projects, to carry out my plans, and to achieve what I propose. Give me that encouragement that I could have lost because of what I observe daily in the world. Lord, give me the hope I need to move forward, in the victorious name of your Son Jesus. Amen.

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