Night Prayer for January 10

Good God, one more day has come to an end. Tonight I kneel before You to thank You for everything You allowed me to live. Thank you for the people with whom I shared, thank you for the health you gave me, and thank you because it is wonderful to be alive and discover your extensive love.

Thank you, blessed Father, for all the blessings that I was able to find on my way. Thank you because every night I realize that I need more of You because I constantly seek You to glorify You and bless You. Thank you because You have become a necessity for me. Thank you, Lord, for all the happy and sad moments that I was able to experience throughout the day.

Heavenly Father, tonight I want to offer you my tiredness, my body is very fatigued from the activities of my day and I just want to have a rest that can completely recover. Be the guardian who will take care of my dreams and remove all disturbances from my mind that prevents me from resting as I need. I sleep longing for a happy morning when I wake up.

Lord, I put at your feet my problems, my concerns, and my worries, so that you can alleviate them and make them disappear from my life. I ask this in the name of Jesus Christ, the mighty king of my heart. Look with mercy at the problems I may have and help me restore everything I need.

Divine Father, I want to take advantage of this night to also ask You for my family. Pour out your blessings on my house and on each of the people who inhabit it. Do not abandon our need and show yourself attentive to our cry; May you reign in the center of my home and may we recognize you as the most important person for us.

Mighty Lord, I ask you to place your hands on me so that you can heal and heal everything bad that I have inside me, heal that disease. Heal that discouragement, heal the envy that I have, take away pride and put health in its place, faith, humility, and peace from your heart, Holy and blessed Father.

Tonight I will show you everything I have in mind for the future, for tomorrow, so that you can be the one to take charge of my life and decide what things are necessary for me.

Thank you, dear Father, because I am certain that my prayer is reaching your ears so that I will be able to rest without having to worry about tomorrow.  I know that You are the best place to be able to protect myself and take refuge from all evil, in the powerful name of Jesus. Amen.

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