Night Prayer for November 1

Blessed and adored Lord, the sky is clothed in black as a sign that night has fallen. One more day is over and it is time to put myself in your presence because even though I know that you have been with me all day. I cannot miss the opportunity to talk to you before I go to rest.

How beautiful it is, Lord, to live each day under your protection and protection. Thank you very much, Holy Lord, for being so good to me and all the people I love. Thank you, because I know that on this day you have been on me, on my family and my house. Thank you, my beloved God, because today there was no lack of what to eat, what to wear, and a place to live. Thank you, my beautiful Father, because I know that You provide everything we need to live.

In this night, in this moment of intimacy with you, my good God, I also want to thank you because today you gave me the strength to overcome every adversity that came my way. Thank you, good Father, because you were by my side showing me that you love me, that you take care of me, and that you are faithful at all times.

At this time I am preparing to rest, my blessed Lord, but before resting in my bed, I want to leave everything in your blessed hands: my life, the life of my family, friends and other loved ones, my home, and each one of my environments, so that you are the one who comes to give us the peace we need to fall asleep free of worries.

You know what troubles us, what worries us, what many times does not let us sleep in peace, Lord, that is why I ask You on this precious night, that You take each one of those things, my God, and leave I blank my mind so that I can rest without fear so that my mind clears and my body can regain its strength for a better tomorrow.

Help me, my good God, have a good night. Deliver us from misfortunes, Lord, from accidents and bad news, may we sleep peacefully and serenely in the moonlight, knowing that our lives, worries, and problems are sustained by You.

Come take my home, Lord. Come and go through each corridor, each room, come spread your purifying light in each space, that even the last corner is wrapped in your blessing. Do not allow the enemy to take advantage of the darkness to do their tricks, take care of us from all evil, and support our dreams with your holy presence.

Today I will rest convinced that You are with me and all mine, kind Lord. Thank you very much for listening to my prayer and thank you, because I know that You are by my side, taking my hand and watching over each of my dreams and desires. If it is your will, give me the happiness of being able to see a new dawn, so that I can live a new day full of opportunities and successes to achieve, in the victorious name of your Son Jesus Christ, Amen.

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