Night Prayer for January 11

Precious father, the moon beautifies the night with its presence. Everything becomes calm and serene, and I get down on my knees in my room to thank you for this entire day that you gave me. Thank you because you gave me many moments from which I got many lessons. Thank you for the moments enjoyed with mine and thank you because, throughout the day, I could feel your love that enveloped me.

 Holy Father, I thank you tonight for the love of my family. Thank you for not allowing us to be in dire need. You are very generous. That you always allow us to get out of problems with ease and because you keep us together when adversity touches our home. Pour out your mercy and kindness to have a quiet night among us.

My Lord, I also ask you for those family members who are going through difficult times, for those who are estranged from us due to some quarrel or misunderstanding, for those who are going through a delicate economic situation or are experiencing a disease that is difficult to cope with. So that they will seek your presence and be comforted by your love, and that they will be able to face their problems while holding your powerful and holy hand.

Merciful Lord, tonight I want to ask your forgiveness for all the moments that were difficult for me and I did not know how to give you a good solution. I apologize for the actions and behaviors that could make my family members or the people with whom I interact feel bad. Give me the courage to ask for an apology that can alleviate some of the pain that I could make you feel.

Give me a humble and service-filled heart, so that tomorrow I can seek compensation for those I wronged. My Lord, take away the pride that prevents me from apologizing and remove all feelings of evil, suspicion, and envy that make me withdraw from your presence.

My God, tonight I want to put everything at your disposal. I am aware of my effort and my sacrifice. I know that things will come true if you want them that way. That is why I let you decide on me. I know that you will do everything in the best way possible and fulfill what I need, not what I want.

Heavenly Father, I want to have a calm rest so that the worries that my mind may have do not cause a disturbance or an annoyance that can remove me from your presence. Give me the faith to believe that everything will be solved because that is your will, blessed God.

My good Lord, thank you because I know that you are listening to this prayer. Thank you, because tonight I can see the brightness of your eyes that illuminate my heart. I thank you, Holy Father because I have confidence that you will grant me a much better morning where I can fulfill all my plans. I ask you in the name of Jesus. Amen.

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