Night prayer for December 1

Blessed Father, thank you because you gave me the gift of a beautiful day. The night has come to accompany us and at this moment I can only and want to thank you because you were by my side during every moment, accompanying me, making me feel your presence, and enveloping me with your love.

Tonight I want to rest knowing that everything I did today was to your liking. As your child, I want to feel happy knowing that your eyes saw me with satisfaction and that my actions were only for your glory and to be a reflection of your infinite love.

Father God, I thank you for the good moments that I was able to take advantage of to share and enjoy with the people I love and for the bad moments that always leave me great teaching for my future.

Lord God, I ask you to give me patience and tolerance to wait with great enthusiasm for the plans that are not yet concrete. Help me to understand that if those things that I hope for so much do not yet come into my life, it is because I do not need them yet or because I will not need them to live. I always place everything at your disposal, blessed Lord, and I accept your will as it presents itself in my daily walk.

Allow me to take a good rest from all that has passed, Lord. Tonight, my God, I abandon myself in your arms so that you may protect me from all disturbances that try to invade my mind. Tonight, be the one who wraps me with his mantle and who keeps away from me every worry, burden, or discomfort that has arisen in me throughout this day.

If it is your will, let tomorrow be a new day filled with opportunities and new goals. I trust in you, beloved Father, I believe in your Holy Word and I love you with all my heart. This dark night let your light shine upon my heart with much more brilliance.

May tomorrow be a day with many accomplishments, with many blessings, and with many solutions to the problems you know I have. My prayer rises with much confidence to ask you not only for me but also for the people who need you in their lives, for those who are going to bed with many worries or with some illness. Lay your hands on them, mighty Lord, and be gracious to the supplications of their heart.

Dear Lord, thank you for the blessings you bestowed upon me this day, for the successes achieved, for the mistakes made, and for the learning received in all the moments of this day. If it is your will, grant me the joy of a new day, to offer it to you, so that my projects become a reality in your hands and fill me with well-being, joy, and prosperity. I ask this in the name of your beloved Son Jesus, Amen.

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