Night prayer for January 12

Thank you, Father, for this day. Thank you because I know you hear my prayers; thank you because you took care of my steps and guided them along the path of righteousness; thank you because you did not let the enemy interfere with my plans and you made me walk in victory.

Precious Father, I ask you that tonight you place your protective arm on me, your mantle of mercy, to be able to rest from my fatigue, to rest from my discouragement, and to be able to rest from my routine. I raise my praise to your name because I don’t want to sleep without being able to pay you homage for the wonders that you put into my life.

Thank you for all the things that happened today. Father God, thank you for the trials, the difficulties, and the hard times that I had to go through. Thank you for the moments of despair where I had to look to you to calm my anguish. Thank you that I was able to get a lot of lessons and a lot of learning to keep in mind for my future.

Thank you for the moments of joy, smiles, and happiness that reminded me of the beauty of your love and your goodness, which reminded me how precious it is to value the gift of life. Beautiful Father, thank you for my family, for the people who are most important to me, because seeing them I find one more reason to move forward.

The Lord of my heart, I want to thank you for the daily activities of my family. Thank you because you allow them to have good health and be able to move forward. Thank you for not abandoning them and for taking care of their path. I ask that you give them the prosperity they are looking for to provide a better livelihood for their homes.

Thank you for the union you keep us in, because it is through our love that we can grow in strength, increase our faith, and pray with greater zeal. My Lord, I want you to be the center of our lives tonight. So that you manifest yourself in our midst with your goodness and your mercy. That you are always needed.

My blessed God, give me a break that can help me regain my strength so that my mind is not burdened by the problems that are in my head. Remove all the worries from my head. That tomorrow will bring its own worries. Give me the confidence to know that I will have the opportunity to improve with each day that you give me.

Oh my good God, I ask you, from the bottom of my heart, to grant me one more day by your side, one more day where I can put my faith to the test, where I can serve more earnestly, where I can achieve the plans and the yearnings that I have in my life. Give me the grace to wake up again, enveloped by your love, in the blessed name of Jesus. Amen.

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