Night prayer for January 13

 Merciful Father, I thank you for having reached the end of the day. Tonight, I offer you my heart in this humble prayer because I want to thank you for all the things that you have allowed me to live. Thank you for your care and your vigilance so that the enemy could not approach me.

Blessed God, I want you to become a necessity, that you become a reality in my life and that I can take you to all the places where I have to be. Thank you because I know that your presence is in everything that surrounds me and because you manifest yourself at every moment of the day. Thank you for your mercy and your love this morning.

Tonight, Holy Father, I want to praise you and bless you. I want to thank you because you do many things for me. You try to get my attention at all times. You tell me that you love me with all your creations, with the love of my family, with each achievement of my projects, with each test that I can overcome. In the victories of my life, I know that you are present, my good God.

Thank you for my family, because you keep them healthy, because you helped them to return home and because every day you keep us together. Thank you, blessed Lord, for always having a place to pour out your blessings on us, for not allowing us to go without, and for your love and forgiveness being the pillars in the center of my home.

Holy Father, if the day does not end well for me, I want you to help me recover and give me the strength to continue trusting in you. If the going gets tough, help me to have much more faith and to know that there will be a solution and that there will be a time when your glory will be revealed in the face of adversity.

My Lord, take away from me all my fatigue and my tiredness and remove from my room all worry and feelings of sadness. Help me to sleep well and with it have the repair of my energies and forces that were consumed by the activities that I did this day.

Godly Father, I ask you to forgive me if I have made mistakes on this day. You know that I am not perfect and that I have many weaknesses. Give me the humility to recognize myself as a sinner in front of you and my brothers. Give me the courage to know how to recognize my mistakes and the strength to try to amend them. Beautiful Father, grant me your forgiveness tonight.

Thank you, God bless because I know that you are paying attention to my prayers. Give me a night of great peace and calm to be able to rest calmly and give me, if it is your will, the happiness of sharing a new awakening accompanied by the people I love the most. I ask you in the name of Jesus, our Savior. Amen.

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