Night Prayer for January 14

Merciful Lord, thank you for this day full of blessings. Thank you for allowing me to enjoy health at night. Thank you for the life of my family and because you allowed me to reunite with good people at home. Thank you for all the moments that you allowed me to share, and now I am about to rest.

Father of love, tonight I want to ask your forgiveness for my actions that you did not like. Sorry because I showed indifference because I was arrogant, or perhaps because I did not provide help to those who needed me. My God, forgive me because there are many moments where I think selfishly and because I forget that my brothers need me.

 Thank you, God, for my family. Thank you because you took care of their steps and you guided and guided their paths so that they did not lose their way. Thank you for granting us blessings in your work, in your studies, and in all the activities that you have to carry out. Thank you for giving us bread to share and a roof to shelter us.

I ask you, Lord, tonight, for people who have a very complicated day, for people who are facing a chronic illness, for those who are worried about a debt that cannot be paid, for those who suffer from family conflict, and for those who are far from home, lost in the world.

Pour out your mercy on their hearts and have compassion on them. Help them find the way they lost so that they can look for you and recognize you as the solution to all their problems. Give them hope and sow in them the seed of faith so that they can trust you.

I want to praise you more and more. Tonight I want my lips to pronounce songs and cheers to your name. Oh Most High Lord, I cannot find a better offering than my repentant and humbled heart. Purify my soul to become a better servant of yours.

I put my plans and my dreams at your feet so that you can grant them in the moments that are necessary, Lord. I ask you, with great humility, to take into account everything I want and need, that you put yourself in front of me in the moments that are complicated, and that you be my defender before the enemy.

Beautiful Lord, I thank you because I know that my prayer is heard in heaven. Tonight I just want to rest from my fatigue so that I can have energy and get your promises in another new morning if it is your holy will. Grant me what I ask of you, in the name of Jesus. Amen.

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