Night Prayer for January 15

My Lord, the night is with us and now I am about to rest my body, but before doing so, I want to thank you for all the moments that you allowed me to share. I ask you to stay a moment more by my side and to give me one more day to do better things.

Father of Mercy, tonight I want to thank you for the countless blessings that you put in my life. Thank you for the work, for my studies, for my family, and for everything you put in my path that reminds me that your love is extensive, big, and beautiful.

Dear Lord, receive my heart tonight. Receive the prayer that I am reciting. Hear my prayers and give me the possibility of being able to recover everything that has been wearing away within me. Help me to regain the spirits that have been knocked down by the constant trials. Help me to regain my emotions that were lost with so much tension, so much concern. Make my heart recharge with joy tonight.

 Feed me with your Word, quench my thirst, lighten my load, and heal any wounds that my soul may have harbored. Lord, owner of all power on Earth, do not separate yourself at any time and protect me from the stalking of the enemy. Grant me sleep and wake up under your protection.  

Father of goodness, wash away my sins, purify my soul, and give a new fire to my heart. Sorry for all the mistakes that I made on this day. Sorry for the fears that did not allow me to face my difficulties and that made me doubt your presence. I want you to give me your calm to know that if things do not go well, soon it will be because you walk by my side.

Merciful Lord, help me to ask forgiveness from those I hurt and offended so that my conscience remains calm so that I can rest calmly. When I make mistakes, I feel that I am estranged from you. Do not allow that, Holy Father. Don’t let my heart get sad. Stay close and be my partner tonight.

 Now I am about to rest, to rest my body to regain the energy that I lost today. Clear my mind and help me get a good night’s sleep. I apologize if the day has not turned out as I expected, for despairing in the moments where I should have shown you confidence, and for believing that you did not respond to my call.Thank you, blessed Lord, because I know that tonight you are listening to my prayer. Give me the happiness of having one more day by your side, a day where I can see you and recognize you in the faces of those most in need. Help me to rest and have a day full of great kindness from you, in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen.

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