Night Prayer for January 16

Father of love, I want to thank you for all the blessings you placed on this day. Thank you for the health you gave me and thank you because you took everything I had planned and gave it the best disposition. Now I am about to rest and regain the energy that I lost during this day.

Lord of mercy, one more day concludes under your watch. Thank you for all the opportunities that I had and the challenges that I was able to complete. Thank you because, at all times, you stayed close to me, giving me that security that I needed to continue on your way.

Thank you for the moments that brought me happiness. Thank you for those moments that were of happiness that you allowed me to enjoy and share with the people I love the most. Thank you for my gifts and talents. Thank you that my family is with me to support and support me. Oh God, thank you because I have a job with which I support my home and in which I can work.

I also have to thank you for the moments where there was anguish, sadness, and discouragement because from them I was able to obtain many lessons and learning. Forgive me, blessed Father, for having behaviors and attitudes that could harm my people. Forgive me, Lord, to calm the ailments that my heart and conscience feel. Tonight, I want to reconcile with you, Holy Father.

Now I want to rest, but not before offering you all my burdens and worries. Your strength, wisdom, and perseverance are important to get through these difficult times. Only in you will I be able to walk the path of victory. Give me new dawn to look at our projects and new plans that are pleasing to God.

Tonight, blessed God, I ask you for the lives of my family, for union and understanding, so that we always remain in constant prayer, so that our home is blessed by your hand and that it is free from the evils of the enemy.

Heavenly Father, may my body rest completely, and may today’s fatigue be just a transition to a tomorrow full of many opportunities and new challenges to undertake. Remove, Lord, all feelings of evil and all sensations that may disturb my rest.

My God, I have every confidence that my plea has reached your ears. Give me one more day of life to enjoy with my family, with my friends, and with the people you place on the road. Clear my mind and let the fatigue leave my body tonight. I ask you for all this and I thank you with much faith and hope in the name of Jesus. Amen.

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