Night Prayer for January 17

Dear Lord, tonight I want to thank you for all the moments that passed on this day. Although the day had been exhausting and hard work, you were by my side, accompanying me at all times. Blessed Father, I ask you that tonight I can sleep peacefully and thus be able to rest my body from everything that had to happen today.

The day had moments of all kinds; happy moments and sad moments. Please accept my apologies for being distant and distant at this time. Sorry if I forgot that it is not just me, but you who fight by my side. Sorry if I thought that at the time of the test when it overcame me, I doubted that you could be with me. Holy Father, I ask you to take my weaknesses and fill them with your power, to turn them into my strengths and thus make me better in your service.

Blessed Father, I know that my strength is not enough, and I know that wanting things for myself will bring bad consequences, but I still risk doing it, and I go to you when things are not going well. I ask you to have mercy on my mistakes and to take control of all my projects because success will only be given to me if you are with me.

Thank you, beautiful God, for the times when you smiled at me; thank you for the people who appeared in my path and showed me that happiness could be found in simple things like a hug, a smile, or a handshake.

Let me acknowledge you in all those moments. Don’t expect to find yourself in something fantastic or hard to believe, because that will not happen. Your presence can be felt and gives me the joy of experiencing it daily.

If it is your holy will, allow me to have a new dawn to do much well than what I did wrong today. Help me to help others, to understand that I earn much more by giving than by receiving. God of mercy, you know my heart and the feelings that move me. Take the best of me and help me offer it to my brothers.

Remove any feelings of sadness or discouragement, and remind yourself that my tiredness is not an excuse to sleep without having to wake up. Give me hope that tomorrow, everything will be much better. Hear my prayer, beautiful Father, and accept it as a humble offering from the bottom of your heart.

Beautiful Lord, take care of and protect my dreams so that they serve as inspiration for tomorrow. Put the worries out of my mind and don’t allow bad thoughts to invade my head. Grant me a rest that can repair my strength and give me new dawn. I ask this in the name of Jesus, our Lord. Amen.

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