Night prayer for January 18

God of my heart, I thank you tonight, because it has allowed me to reach the end of the day with well-being and enjoy health. Thank you because I was able to learn many things that will serve me in the future. Thank you because you were close to me throughout the day, blessing my steps and taking care of my family.

Merciful Father I don’t want to go to sleep without first asking your forgiveness for everything that happened today. Forgive me if at some point I got carried away by anger and responded badly to my brothers. I’m sorry for acting with pride and self-sufficiency. I’m sorry for losing the meaning of my life and wanting to change paths. Lord of mercy, have compassion for the mistakes I made and, tonight, grant me your forgiveness so I can rest in peace.

From the side of my bed, I want to ask you for my family, for their lives and their hearts, to be cleansed by your hand and to find the happiness they are looking for. My Lord, make sure that we can draw near to you constantly and that our prayers become stronger as the days go by.

Thank you for this day full of health and love. Thank you because you allowed us to resolve our differences and because, relying on our love, we were able to move forward with a complicated situation. Thank you because you do not abandon us, blessed Lord and because there is always a dish to share on our table.

My Lord, I also want to ask you to bless and comfort all those people who are going through great attacks, times of uncertainty, and great doubt. Lord, be the clarity in their lives and that light of hope that they need so that they can continue their fight against adversity. My God, may the world understand that only you can do the impossible and that the correct route is to go where you are.

Blessed Lord, tonight I want to give you my fatigue so that you can make me rest and shelter me in your heart. Do not allow anything to disturb my sleep and ward off all evils that may appear. God of the universe, may my dreams be an inspiration for what I will have to live for tomorrow.

Thank you again for the day you gave me. Thank you for the health you gave me and thank you for listening to my prayers. Lord, I ask you to give me another day of life, another opportunity to do all that was left undone and to improve the things I did wrong.

Good evening, my beloved Lord. If it is your will, tomorrow will be a much better day than today. Protect my home, my family, and my heart. May my faith increase every day and every night, in the perfect name of Jesus. Amen.

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