Night prayer for January 19

Tonight I prostrate myself before your presence. From the privacy of my room, I want to thank you for this day that has come to an end. Thank you for all the moments you gave me. Thank you for the blessings and for the people who appeared in my day to fill me with joy.

On this serene and calm night, I wish I could revive my life because it is worn out from everything that has happened up to now. Put your worries and fears out of my mind. Do not allow me to doubt your presence in my life. The problems and storms that I may go through do not make me stop trusting your word. Help me to resist, blessed Father.

Thank you for being my strength and my shield in the moments that I need to resist. Be my endless source of hope. Do not allow me to suffer needs, and if I do, they will be the reason for much more prayer and closer to your word. Oh good God, I trust that at the end of the storm, I will be victorious.

Blessed Lord, tonight I want to ask you about the big problem that I am going through. You are the only one who knows the reality of things; you know how great my anguish is about it. I want to allow myself to resolve this situation in my favor. Do not let this overtake me. Fight by my side, Lord, to be victorious, giving you the glory completely.

Thank you, Eternal God, God of love, and my life. I have to give you thanks because, despite all that I may suffer, you gave my family a lot of health. Thank you because you allowed us to remain united despite some misunderstandings that may exist. I ask that you pour out your blessing on my home tonight so that it may enjoy your protection.

Thank you, blessed God, for guarding their labors, favoring their days, and manifesting yourself in front of them with many blessings, so that they can gather in your name to give you thanks and praise you all the time.

The Blessed Father gave me a new dawn where the sun with its brilliant shine gives me the feeling that everything will improve, that you just have to have faith. Allow me to continue advancing on this path, accompanied and supported by the people I love the most so that they serve as motivation and joy for me.

Tonight, Precious Lord, I give you all my heart in this prayer. I am confident that one more day will be there for me tomorrow morning. Give me the calm and tranquility to be able to rest and recover all my energies in the powerful and victorious name of Jesus, Amen.

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