Night Prayer for January 20

Tonight, my Divine Lord, I come before you to thank you for the day you gave me. I want to take advantage of the joy that my heart feels to praise your name and give you praise. Precious Lord, thank you for the wonderfulness of your creation. Thank you for doing everything to get my attention and show me that you love me.

Almighty God, stay with me a moment longer so that tonight I can feel your protective hand that surrounds me and frees me from all the evil that is stalking me. Watch with me, Holy Father, take care of my dreams and make my mind go into a pleasant trance that will serve as inspiration for tomorrow.

Wonderful Lord, I feel happy to be your son. Happy because your presence in my path makes my steps much safer, that my spirit is one of courage and that my strength always gives a little more than natural. You are the Lord of the impossible, the Almighty. That is why my heart overflows with joy to have the certainty that you hear this humble prayer.

Thank you to the people who make up my family. Thank you because you gave them health insurance to be able to meet at home. Thank you because I know that they have you in mind and that this will help us overcome our problems. They help us to give ourselves support and to overcome the difficulties that may be in front of us. Thank you, God, for my life.

Almighty Father, thank you for the moments that were very difficult for me. Thank you because I understood that when things turned bad, you were always with me. My Lord, I want to take advantage of this prayer to ask you for all the people who had a difficult day and who at night are looking for comfort or someone to alleviate their suffering.

Have compassion on all those lives, Lord. Help them to find your face in those who need them, open their hearts and give them the spirit of sharing, so that they can recognize that the only way to feel happy is by giving joy to others. Precious Lord, help them find their way back to your grace.

My Lord, tonight I feel very happy. For this day that you gave me. Thank you because, throughout the day, you did not allow any need to pass. Thank you for the food in the middle of my table. Thank you for the work that allows me to sustain my home. And thank you for the health you gave to my family.

Merciful God, thank you because I know that you are listening to what I am asking of you tonight. Now I am about to rest my body and try to rest from everything I have experienced. Give me one more day by your side to meet all the objectives that were left unfinished. In the merciful name of Jesus, I ask this of you. Amen.

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