Night Prayer for January 21

Beautiful God, thank you. I came to give you this evening. I get down on my knees and express my gratitude for all of the moments I was able to share with you today. If it is your will, I offer you my fatigue and my tiredness so that you can replenish all my energy and give me a new dawn.

Tonight I will experience your infinite love and kindness. Give me the happiness of being able to have a peaceful rest, away from disturbances, and thus be able to have a new day full of blessings and many challenges to achieve. Precious God, protect me tonight and help me get a good sleep.

I want to thank you, blessed Father, for the happiness of having a family like the one you gave me. Thank you because, from the love and affection that you show me, I can find the strengths that let me face times of adversity.

Thank you for allowing them to be in good health and to carry out activities that can sustain their homes. I ask you for those family members who are estranged from us due to some matter of pride or misunderstanding so that you can heal the bond that united us one day and allow us to return to that harmony that should never have been broken.

Lord, may the resplendent light of your heart illuminate my entire room tonight. May it give light to the dark parts of my soul. May it purify me of any evil I may have. May this night be a time of cleansing, where you wash away my sins with your precious blood and erase the worries from my mind with your spirit of holiness.

Almighty God, I have to thank you because, even though I don’t deserve it, you were with me in all times of adversity. If nothing went as planned today, you did not let me despair; instead, you gave me the encouragement I needed to stop and move on.

Thank you, Infinite Father of Goodness, for not allowing the needs in my home to become overwhelming. Thank you, Lord, because you placed the bread on my table because you gave me the dress to cover me with and the health that I could enjoy to reach the end of this day. Thank you because I felt your blessing that surrounded each of the actions that I did today.

Lord of my life, thank you that you heard my prayer tonight. Thank you that you will allow me to rest completely calm and away from the worries that I could accumulate during the day. Thank you, blessed Father, because I know that I will be able to regain my strength to have a new and better tomorrow. I trust you and the mighty name of Jesus. Amen

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