Night Prayer for January 22

Kind Father, thank you that the day has come to an end. Today I kneel at the side of my bed to give you infinite thanks for your mercy and your love. Thank you for giving me the necessary resistance to endure all that I had to live through this journey. I thank you, because it was your will that I achieve everything that I set out for today.

My Lord, I thank you for all the moments that I had to experience, for the good and not so good moments. Thank you because from them I can obtain many lessons and improve on the path of salvation. Allow me, Holy Lord, to obtain much wisdom from it and thus serve you better every day.

Tonight I want to thank you for the home you gave me. Thank you to the people who live in it. Thank you for my family, because without them there would be no reason to continue praying. Thank you for your protection and blessings all day, O God.

Thank you for placing the food to share on the table. It shows that you are aware of our lives and that you are attentive to our prayers. My Lord, I ask you to forgive us for the mistakes we have made on this day and pour out your pity on us. May we rest tonight, watched by You and under your blessing.

Wonderful Lord, I especially ask you for those people who are going through moments of pain, for those who have despair as their main regret, so that you can be the refuge they seek so that you can give them a moment of calm, of peace and so they can recognize you as their Savior and Lord.

All my weariness and fatigue are placed under your hands. May your mercy alleviate my unfortunate situation, that I recover from any ills that my body may experience, and that you guide my steps tomorrow on the path of righteousness.

Heavenly Father, tonight I want to rest calmly, I want you to help me remove the worries from my mind, clarify my thoughts, and free my heart from the chains of sin. Help me so that my body can rest and regain energy for a new tomorrow.

Dear Father, give me the certainty that I will have a new one tomorrow. If it is your will, give me a sunrise full of many blessings and many opportunities where I can achieve my goals. Lord, I trust that my prayer is being heard tonight. In the mighty name of Jesus. Amen.

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