Night Prayer for January 23

Wonderful Father of heaven and earth, the brightness of the moon announces that the night is with us. Thank you because you allowed me to reach the end of the day. Thank you for your health and because you allowed all things to happen according to your will.

Thank you, because tonight I can feel that you are staying by my side. Thank you because you took away all feelings of evil from me and helped me to better serve my brothers. Father of goodness, thank you because my heart is being renewed and I understand that it is better to give than to receive.

Tonight, I want to lay all of my plans at your feet for you to dispose of as you see fit. If it is your holy will, Father God, then you may. are a witness of all the sacrifices that I have been making to achieve my plans, so I ask that you take all of this into consideration and grant it to me if it is your holy will, Father God.

Thank you for all of the moments you can share with me throughout the day; for the times when I could feel your grace and love, and for the times when I had to seek your comfort and refuge. Deliver me from all evil, tonight, and give me a rest that replenishes all my strength and spirits.

Blessed Father, tonight I want to offer you the lives of my family, I want you to pour out your blessing on them and my home. I ask you to be attentive to our supplications, to our prayers and requests. Thank you for taking care of their lives and blessing their work and activities. Thank you for keeping them safe from all evil, because day by day you strengthen their faith and cause them to seek you at all times.

May our prayers grow stronger every day. Help us so that our lips can praise and bless your name every day. Blessed God, tonight we want to offer you everything from our home, our love, our understanding, and our joy, so that you can intensify them and thus make a home where God’s love reigns.

Lord of mercy, tonight I want you to grant me your forgiveness for the mistakes I may have made on this journey. Help me to become the servant you need to work on your work. Help me to understand that I am within a plan and that situations will unfold at the time that you deem appropriate.

The Divine Heavenly Father, I want to thank you once again for everything that happened on this day. Thank you for the health you gave me and for the projects that I was able to complete. I trust that tonight you will take care of my dreams and make them a reality tomorrow morning, I ask you in the name of Jesus. Amen.

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