Night Prayer for January 24

My father, tonight I come to thank you for this beautiful day that is coming to an end. Thank you because you gave me health and because you were with me in every action I took, in every decision I made, and in taking care of every step that I took on your way.

Lord of my life, tonight I want to ask that your resplendent light illuminate my entire room, that your presence can fill all the spaces in my heart and illuminate the darkness that exists in it. Tonight I want to ask your forgiveness for the mistakes that I made and that hurt my brothers, which were an offense against your Holy Name.

I want to feel your forgiveness so I can rest in complete calm and tranquility. Blessed Father, I ask you for a rest to repair my strength and my energy because I know that I am important to you and that I am part of a very important plan. I ask you to build my soul and modify my being according to your will. I no longer want to live, but for You to live through me.

Lord of mercy, on this day I want to ask you for those people who are ending the day with despair, sadness, or disappointment. Do not leave them without your protection and grant them the peace that they are looking for. I ask you for those people who suffer the consequences of wars, for those who have lost a family member or loved one, for those who are going through moments of illness, or for those who deny their existence.

May the Blessed Father, ease their pain, their burden, and their anguish. He heals the ills of their bodies and comforts their hearts. Give them back the encouragement they need to move on so that they do not fall into depression or indifference. Help them understand that there is always a reason for what happens and that there is always a plan for everything, that you are in the midst of their storms and that you abandon them.

Thank you so much, Heavenly Divine Father, for the times I spent with my family. Thank you for removing from me the temptations of the enemy. Thank you because peace and harmony reign in my home, and if there is a difficult situation, we try to solve it by leaning on your love.

Thank you, Almighty God, because I have what it takes to live happily ever after. Thank you because you allowed everything to be done correctly, and you kept me healthy to return home well. Now, if it is your will, I ask you to have a much better day than today, tomorrow morning. A day filled with your favor and love.

Stay close to me, my good Lord. May tomorrow be a day filled with many blessings and opportunities. Now I am ready to rest so that my body can regain the energy it used up today. Watch over my sleep and watch over me while I sleep, Heavenly Father, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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