Night prayer for January 25

Dear God, tonight I kneel by the side of my bed to thank you for everything that has happened today. Thank you for the good and bad things that happened today. Thank you for the moments of joy and for the tests from which I obtained many lessons. But mainly, thank you because you were by my side at all times.

Blessed good Father, day by day and night by night, you become the main center of my existence. You are my strength, my value, and my fortress. Tonight, I want to ask you to grant me the necessary rest to be able to renew the energies that were lost today.

Lord of mercy, forgive me if throughout the day there were actions that you did not like if there were behaviors that had an impact on my colleagues or the people around me. I apologize if envy, suspicion, or selfishness took place in my heart. I ask for your mercy, Lord, to be able to rest peacefully.

Remove the worries from my mind and distend my head so that nothing disturbs my sleep. I put everything bad that happened today under your feet so that you can solve it. My Lord, nothing is impossible for You, and I am confident that You will lead me down the path of victory.

Thank you, wonderful and loving God, for keeping my family together, for listening to their prayers, and for keeping your powerful hand on us, removing all evil from our home. Our Lord, do not let difficulties and problems cause us to fall.

Thank you, divine Creator, because you allow us to arrive safely at the end of the day. Thank you because you put a plate of food on our table and because, day by day, we can gather in Your name and have You always present.

Father of Mercy, may I have a day full of blessings tomorrow. May your love continue to be with me and may your favor be for me and mine. Give me the perseverance to continue on the path, despite the complications, despite the obstacles that may arise. If you are on my side, there will be nothing that can stop me.

Blessed Lord, tonight I want my prayer to reach where you are. I want your protective hand to take care of me and to grant me a peaceful and restorative rest. Give me new dawn, heavenly Father, where I can achieve the desires that exist in my heart and the perfect name of Jesus. Amen.

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