Night Prayer for January 26

Precious God, tonight I want to thank you because you granted me the grace to end the day by your side. Thank you because, until now, I was healthy and because you allowed me to enjoy all the good times with my family. Thank you for being by my side in all circumstances and because you did not detach from me, your vigilant gaze.

My Lord, you fill my life with many blessings, many gifts, and many joys, I am convinced that all good things come from your hand. Thank you to all the people who were in my life and made me grow. Thank you for the teachings that they left me and because I could feel supported by them. Thank you, because I could feel your love, through each of your words.

My God, I beg your forgiveness if during this day I was able to commit a fault against you. I’m sorry if I made decisions that led me to a bad destiny or if I fell into indifference towards my neighbor. My Lord, I ask you that my routine does not create in me a bandage that covers my sight. Help me to recognize you in the needs of my brothers and to know that caring for someone who experiences grief is as if I were doing it with you.

Tonight I want to thank my family. Thank you because you are in every step they take because you assist them in the moments when they seek refuge. Thank you, blessed Father, because you listen to their prayers and because you bring them closer to You at every moment.

Holy Father, thank you because you allow us to return home safely, because you allow us to share a plate of food and because we have clothes to cover ourselves. Thank you because we know that you will be there for us if we need you, because you are in the middle of the problem that we will solve, and because you give us the right answers to heal the wounds that may arise in the family. Lord, thank you for being the center of it all.

My God, tonight I want to give you all my fatigue and my tiredness so that my body can rest from this long day with the hope that there will be one more day to live. Lord, make me a good servant of yours as the days go by.

Lord, I trust that my prayers are being heard in heaven. Thank you for all these moments that you allowed me to share and thank you for all the plans that I was able to conclude. I ask you to allow me to try to fulfill the projects that were left unfinished so that tonight I can regain my strength and tomorrow, I can face the trials that await me.

Blessed Father God, thank you again for this day that is ending. Thank you because I feel that your love surrounds me tonight and that you will make me rest without any disturbance. Grant me a new day, and many blessings come with it. If it is your holy will, give me one more day of life, in the full name of Jesus. Amen.

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