Night Prayer for January 27

Merciful Lord, tonight I kneel before your presence to give you thanks for the day that I was able to share. Thank you because you gave me health and because you took care of every step that I could take. I will not tire of thanking you and blessing you for the infinite kindness that you show me and because, even though I am not worthy of receiving your blessings, you give me everything from your hands.

Wonderful Lord, it is good to come to you in the night and pay you homage. You deserve everything from me, and in this prayer, I want my praise to reach You. You are almighty and eternal, my good Lord. Every day and every night, You make me fall more and more in love with You.

Dear Father, I want to ask your forgiveness for the mistakes I made. I’m sorry because I was able to show a side that is not good. I’m sorry for my ego, arrogance, indifference, and indifference. Forgive me because I distanced myself from You and exposed myself to the mercy of the enemy. My Lord, grant me your absolution so that I can rest peacefully tonight.

God of heaven, I give you my fatigue and my weariness. Make me rest and grant me the grace to live one more day. I know that there are many things that I left unfinished, and I am certain that tomorrow, I will fulfill them all if you are by my side.

I want to ask you tonight, for the people who end their day with some difficulty, for those who will go to bed without thanking you, or for those people who feel indifferent to their siblings. May your compassion, your mercy, and love rest in their hearts, so that they reflect and straighten the path they are taking.

Merciful God, do not allow this world to fall into darkness. That people do not allow themselves to be manipulated, influenced, and directed by leaders without respect for life. My Lord, grant them peace, calm, and courage to rise against evil and to return to the path that you have prepared for them.

Thank you, blessed Lord that this day has come to an end and I am in good health. I am so thankful that you poured out your blessings and protection on my home and on each of the people I love the most. Grant them a new dawn full of hope and your promises, with the joy of remaining united and with much love.

Beautiful father, now I am about to rest my body with great hope that you can give me one more day by your side. Blessed God, may this rest renew my strength, wash away all my fatigue, and grant me many victories tomorrow that will bring me the abundance and prosperity I seek, in the merciful name of your beloved Son, Jesus Christ. Amen.

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