Night Prayer for January 28

My Lord, the day has come to an end and I want to thank you for the thousands of gifts that you put in my way. Thank you because, throughout the day, you preserved my health and enveloped me with your love, protecting me from the enemy’s intentions. Now I am about to have a rest to replenish my energy and try to be more successful tomorrow morning.

I don’t want to go to rest without first asking your forgiveness, wonderful God. I want to obtain your forgiveness and rest quietly. I know that I have not been the best of children, that I could have committed faults that have offended your name and that have disappointed you. Today, from the privacy of my room, I ask your forgiveness because my heart does not want to be away from your presence.

Father of mercy, you know everything about me, what my strengths and weaknesses are. Tonight, I ask you not to take into account my mistakes but the desire I have to please you. Teach me to serve better, to be much kinder to my siblings, to show much more respect and much more affection towards the people around me.

Give me a new one tomorrow, so I can show you that I want to change and that I want to please you at all times. Pour your grace and your peace on my mind and my body, to rest quietly and regain my strength for tomorrow. Lord, I will put everything under your feet.

Forgiveness, Lord, mercy for the world, for people who need You, for those who are submerged in sadness or those who are submissive due to an economic problem, for those who suffer abuse, and for those who want to make a fateful decision in their lives.

Allow them to find comfort in your name. Grant them the grace of your peace and the blessing of your love. Blessed Father of Heaven, allow them to find the path to salvation. Touch their minds and hearts so that they open the door of their lives to you and that you can dwell in them.

My great Lord, I thank you again for the day that you allowed me to enjoy. Thank you for all the moments that I shared and for the lessons that I learned. Thank you for staying by my side and listening to my cries despite my mistakes. Thank you because, in the middle of the storm, you were the lighthouse that guided my ship.

My God, I thank you because I know that my prayer is being heard. Thank you, I am going to sleep knowing that you will protect me and take care that nothing disturbs my sleep. My Lord, give me one more day of life, if it is your holy will, and stay with me for the remainder of the night, in the perfect name of your Son, Jesus. Amen.

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