Night Prayer for January 29

My Lord, tonight I want to thank you very much because I feel your presence with me. Thank you because your infinite love protects me, cares for me, and guides me. Thank you, Eternal Father, for allowing me to enjoy health at the end of this day. Now I am about to rest and regain the energy that I lost throughout this day.

Thank you, God, for making everything perfect; thank you for being faithful and staying with me at all times. Thank you because I know that while I sleep, you will watch over my sleep and you will not let anything approach or disturb me. Blessed Lord, tonight I want to completely abandon myself to You.

Now, I just want to sleep, rest from this long day, and be able to fall asleep. My merciful Father, you are what I love the most and what I need the most to continue in this life. I ask that you listen to my pleas that come from the bottom of my heart, that you listen to my prayers, which are the only thing I can offer you, and that you grant me one more day of life if it is your will.

I want to thank you for everything I was able to experience today. Thank you, Lord, for the lessons you have allowed me to learn, and for the times of reflection that have made me a better person. Thank you because, in the test, you are always with me and because you do not separate from me.

Tonight, blessed God, I want to thank you for my family because I have their support to move forward. After all, they give me a reason to improve, and because they are the best reflection of your love. Thank you for your lives, for your jobs, and for all that you can do to support our home.

Lord of my life, If there was or still is a problem between us, please assist us in resolving it, relying on you to save the affection we have for each other and reunite us. Thank you that you do not abandon us because we have a plate of food to share, a roof to shelter us from the elements, and you forgive our sins.

Now I am about to rest, having expressed my gratitude and my love to you. I want to give you my burden and my fatigue. I want to put them under your feet so that you can cover me with your fatherly arms and make me rest. Grant me the possibility of having a new dawn where I can do many other things, where I can apply the lessons I learned today, and where I can gain much more experience, O good Lord.

Increase my faith in prayer, feed me with your word, and give me peace of mind in my rest. In the mighty name of Jesus, I want to sleep peacefully while you take care of my dreams. Amen.

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