Night Prayer for January 30

Loving Lord, it is night again and now I come on my knees before You to give You thanks for this day. Thank you because your presence enveloped me throughout the day and because I could feel your love at all times of the day. My good God, now I am about to rest and have a dream that will be my inspiration for tomorrow.

Thank you, blessed Father, for how much you gave me to live today. Thank you for all the moments that left me with a smile and for the moments that demanded a tear. Lord, in all that time, You were always by my side, reminding me that I am the most important thing to You.

Tonight, I want to ask your blessing on my home, that you can give peace and love to my home, and that each of the people who live there receive your grace and forgiveness. May they have a quiet rest and may they also regain their strength, my God.

I thank you because you allowed them to return home with health and well-being. Thank you because you took care of their steps and enlightened their minds to be able to make good decisions. I ask you if they can have one more day to share with me and that you can grant them the solution to the problems that they may be going through.

Merciful Father, tonight I want to ask your forgiveness for the actions I took that could have disappointed you. I’m sorry because I acted with indifference and arrogance because I did not help my brother when I could or because I ignored someone in need that I saw on the street. Please forgive me, merciful Lord.

Thank you because you do not take into account the mistakes that I could make. Thank you, because, despite showing weaknesses, your mercy is great and you forget my sins. Lord, I know I am not worthy of your love, but still, You give me many blessings. I ask you never to leave me alone and that your forgiveness always reaches me.

Lord of mercy, tonight I want to give you all my burdens, my tiredness, my fatigue. I want you to allow me to continue with my plans and to be able to achieve my wishes. Give me one more day of life to continue praising you and serving you as part of your great project.

Tonight, Blessed God, I come to lay my whole life at your feet, the lives of my family members, and of all the people I love and consider very much. Keep your watchful gaze on me and your protective arm, so that I cannot be exposed to the evils of the enemy. In the mighty name of Jesus Christ, grant me a good night’s sleep and complete rest for my body. Amen.

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