Night Prayer for January 31

Dear Heavenly Father, thank you because today I was able to have a good day. Thank you because you were with me at all times and because I felt your love protecting me in every step I took. Thank you for the moments of joy and for the moments of reflection that helped me learn new things.

Thank you because I know that I am special to you. Thank you because you are waiting for my prayers and ready to listen to my prayers. My lord, tonight, I want to apologize for the bad things that I could do. Thank you for loving me despite my disobedience, my belief in my self-sufficiency, and my apathy toward my neighbor. Help me to improve daily and to get to know you much more.

Father of love, may the paths I choose be correct, may they always have you as their destination, and may my prayer become much more constant and with much more fervor. Tonight, I want to put my difficulties and regrets in your presence so that you can relieve the burdens I’ve carried on this journey.

My Lord, thank you for my family. Thank you for sharing moments of joy and sadness. I want to ask you to bless their lives, to cleanse their hearts of any sin that they may have accumulated, and to replenish the energies that they may have invested in the achievement of their projects.

Blessed God, give them a rest in which they can rest their bodies and relax their minds. That they can trust you as much as I trust you, that they can love you as much as I love you, and that you can turn them into servants of your work as much as I do.

Thank you for the plan you have for my life. Thank you that I have learned to obey you and love you more and more. I will sleep with a wide smile on my face, knowing that You are watching over my dreams, removing from me all the disturbances of the enemy.

I beseech you to pray for all those in need, for those who, in the darkness of the night, have covered their hope with black and turned their love of neighbor to darkness. I ask you to be an instrument of peace and love for those most in need. Allow me to have a new opportunity to proclaim your victory over evil. Bless my rest, bless my home, and don’t take your gaze away from me.

Good evening, my Lord. Thank you again for all this journey that I had to take. Thank you because I have confidence that you are listening to my prayers and that you will grant me one more day by your side if it is your will. All this I ask of you through the intercession of the Holy Name of Jesus. Amen.

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