Night Prayer for February 1

Blessed Lord, the night is beautiful and serene, the stars adorn the sky, and I come to thank you for keeping me in good health at the end of the day. Thank you for all the moments that I had to live and thank you for the people with whom I had to share them.

God of heaven, thank you that you never left me and that you were with me despite everything. If it is your wish, now I am about to rest my body because I need to regain my energy to have a new tomorrow. I give you my fatigue and my weariness tonight, wonderful Lord.

Protect my home and my family tonight. Place your protective mantle over my house and do not allow the evil enemy to come and seek to harm us. My Lord, thank you for keeping us healthy. Thank you that we had food to share and a place to return to after the day.

Father of mercy, I want to ask your forgiveness if on this day I have made mistakes that have affected the tranquility of my family, my friends, or the people around me. Give me your absolution so that I can ease my mind and my conscience. I know that tomorrow will be a day to try to make amends for everything I did and will give me the humility to acknowledge my mistakes before others.

My beloved King, give me the courage and strength to be able to solve the problem that I could not do. Give me the wisdom to analyze situations with great patience and, through prayer, be able to find a suitable solution that will serve me well.

Help me to face the illness that I am going through, the financial problems I have, the constant family problems, or any adverse situation that I am in and help me to overcome them. Lord of my life and heart, become my refuge and shield in the face of all these trials, lead me to victory, and allow me to emerge from all these moments.

Precious Lord, I thank you for giving me the happiness of finishing this day. Thank you for demonstrating to me throughout this journey that there is no one more important to you than me. Give me one more day of life to be able to do the things that I could not do on this day. Protect my sleep and put all evil thoughts out of my mind to have a peaceful rest.Good night, dear God. Now I am about to rest, placing all my trust in You. If it is your will, grant me a new opportunity to be with you. For now, I ask you that my head can rest and my body be relieved of all the fatigue that has lived on this day. I ask it from the bottom of my heart, with much faith and hope, in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

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