Night Prayer for February 2

Wonderful father, the day is about to end and I don’t want to sleep without putting myself in your presence. Blessed God, I thank you for the long day that you gave me, for my family with whom I shared many things, and for all the moments that you gave me that made me learn new things.

Lord, I thank you because you teach me in each lesson you give me. Thank you because I can form myself into a better person and because I can understand you every time a little more. Divine Father, I thank you tonight because you have allowed me to achieve many things today, many plans could be concluded and many others began today.

Just and merciful God, from the beginning of the day until the end, I felt your presence that enveloped me with a lot of love and kindness. Thank you that I had the serenity and peace not to despair in times of trial. Thank you for providing me with victories and for your abundant blessings.

My Lord, I also have to thank You for the moments that are not good, for the difficulties and trials, because your love is also manifested there because You become my refuge and my consolation. After all, only in You can I find where to dry my tears and where to find a solution that can give me hope.

Father, I ask you for my family, for their lives, for their health, for their jobs, and their rest, because I know that this journey has been hard for them, too. Help them regain the energy they used up and have a rest that relieves their strength.

God of mercy, I thank you because I know that you have forgiven my faults. Thank you because tonight you pour out your mercy on me and break the chains that bind me to sin. Thank you because you set me free and because you give me the hope of having a new day where I can make amends for my mistakes.

My Lord, I put all my worries and dilemmas under your feet. I know that you will help me solve them or find an answer that can give me a favor. Do not allow my head to be loaded with so many worries. Lighten my load and relax my mind. Give me clarity to think and prudence to decide. Tonight, I owe everything to you, Blessed and Beloved King.

Good night, my blessed Lord. I want to rest with the illusion that I will have one more day by your side. Thank you because I have the full conviction that my prayer is being heard and taken into account. Help me get to sleep and keep them from the threats of the enemy, in the name of Jesus. Amen.

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