Night Prayer for February 3

Precious Lord, the light of the moon is the one that governs this night and, from the privacy of my room, I raise a prayer of thanks for the previous day that I was able to share. My Holy God, allow me to rest from my fatigue and have a day filled with your grace.

Tonight, blessed Father, I want you to take control of everything: my plans, my desires, my actions, my sadness, and my worries. All this I put at your disposal. Give me what I need when I need it, good Father, and don’t let bad things disturb the rest I will take today.

Thank you for being concerned about my family throughout the day, for not abandoning them, for not allowing them to go through their needs, and for always being attentive to their calls. Thank you for the love, for the union, and for the peace that reigns in my home. May we always thank you for these moments that you allow us to enjoy. Good God.

Protector of my life, thank you for allowing my path back to be with good, for guarding the paths I walked, and for providing a roof under which I can take refuge and rest. Thank you because you teach me humility, because you teach me to serve, and because you show me that there is more to giving than receiving.

Heavenly Father, I ask you to help me cope with a problem that has plagued me for a long time, a situation that has become difficult for me and which I cannot solve. Give me calm, patience, perseverance, and courage to face this moment. Don’t let my spirits get low, my Lord.

God of mercy, I’m sorry if, because of this adverse situation, my faith was weakened, if my firmness had a crack, and I’m sorry if my gaze lost your horizon. Do not consider the mistakes that I may commit, or the weaknesses that I may present. You know perfectly the intentions of my heart and what I do to try to please you. Therefore, may your mercy and grace always be with me, Holy Father.

My good God, I want to ask you for the grace of a day full of new challenges and new opportunities. Thank you, because today I was able to complete some of the projects that I had prepared. I give glory to your Holy Name because I am convinced that you will help me to crystallize many more wishes in my life.

Blessed Father, I want to rest in the hope of having new dawn. Thank you because I feel that your presence surrounds me tonight and protects me from the evils of the world. May the melody of your soft voice help me to sleep, in the blessed name of Jesus, Amen.

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