Night Prayer for February 4

Dear Lord, tonight I want to thank you because your mercy has wrapped my day. Thank you because you have preserved my health and because, from the privacy of my room, I can feel that you receive me with your arms and that you will make me rest. Stay with me, watching over my dreams and guarding my mind against evil thoughts that may appear.

My beloved Father, tonight I want to thank you for all the moments you gave me. Thank you for walking by my side on this day because you gave me the peace of mind to solve my problems and the joy to rejoice in my victories. Thank you because I know that, with this rest, you will purify my heart and my soul, and I will be as new for tomorrow.

My Lord, thank you for all the blessings that you put in the middle of my walk. Thank you that your light illuminates everything that becomes dark for me. I want to bless you and praise you tonight because you are faithful despite my failures and my mistakes. Dear Lord, before going to bed, I would like to be in grace with you. That your hand touches my head and caresses me so that I can rest.

Heavenly Father, tonight, my soul thirsts for your forgiveness. I want to ask for mercy and mercy if at any time I have made mistakes and have been able to disappoint you. Lord, You know the depths of my being and you know that in my heart, evil is not the one who rules, but you also know about my weaknesses and how the enemy can make me fail. Forgive me, blessed God. I want you to be my friend and the protective father that I need.

Merciful God, thank you for all the moments you gave me with my family. Thank you for all that I was able to share. Thank you for being present in my home and allowing us to get closer and closer to you. My Lord, may our prayers be more and more frequent, and may we know you through your word.

Take away all burdens and sadness, all worry and gloom. Give me the serenity I need to rest and replenish the energies I’ve expended all day.

Thank you again for this precious day, because despite the difficult things that arose, you were with me at all times. Precious Lord, every moment is to enjoy, to share, to meditate, and to serve. Today I exalt your name and give you all the praise.

Lord my God, I want to rest my body and my mind having the certainty that tomorrow will be a day full of joy and opportunities. Help me to trust You much more and not to despair over the plans that I have not yet concluded. My Lord, if it is your will, give me one more day of life, under your gaze and your love, in the powerful name of Jesus. Amen.

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