Night Prayer for April 2

Dear Heavenly Father, I ask you not to forsake me tonight, for, without you, my rest would not be pleasant. Take care, Holy Father of my dreams, and keep me away from evil and perdition, for I do not want to wander or get lost in the shadows.

Lord of goodness, today is one more night in which I want to thank you for your protection and the love I felt throughout this day. Thank you for all the blessings you give me at every moment because you do not deprive me of food, because you do not forsake me nor forget me. There are so many of your blessings, beloved Father, of which I am a witness and I can give faith because you do not let me fall and you allow me to be happy at your side.

My God, Father of all, I ask that evil leave my home and that your light accompany us and shine in heaven and on earth and in the hearts of all my brothers and sisters, as that lighthouse that guides ships and prevents their ruin guides me, Lord.

Merciful God, I ask that your love invade my soul and that you remain in my life and my heart forever. I trust in you and believe in you, for you give me the peace I need every day to rest after a long day.

Today I invite you to walk through my house, Lord, to take doors, windows, and every corner of my home, so that you may be the One who seals every space of my life, every room, every area of this house that loves and adores you as its only Lord, as our God and Redeemer.

I seek you in my prayers because I know that you answer me, that you listen to my sorrows, that you take my hand and lead me to you. Blessed Lord, I want to walk beside you at every sunrise, even though it seems impossible, because you, Father, know all my weaknesses, but tonight I come to you with a heart full of repentance, that you may pour out all your mercy and your holy forgiveness upon my life.

I pray from the bottom of my heart, God of love, that my prayers reach your ears; even though I know I am unworthy of your love, I believe in your great power and know that you will answer my prayer because I am sincere and opening my heart to you.

I want to end this night by thanking you, beautiful Lord, for my life, for each member of my family, for my good health, and for showing us your love every day with the brightness of the sun and with each of the wonders that you give us. I love you so much, blessed Father, and I hope that my prayer reaches the highest heaven, hoping that you will be fulfilled, in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord, Amen.

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