Night Prayer for February 5

Heavenly Father, the night has come again, and now I am about to rest to regain my strength from this hectic day that you gave me. I thank you because I know that you are with me in every step I take and because you do not allow me to deviate from the path that you chose for me. All this tonight is for You, my God.

Beloved King, I kneel in your presence to give you honor and praise because your wonders are great, and the details you have shared with me are lovely. Thank you because, throughout the day, you gave me health to be able to carry out my activities and because you kept my family safe.

Blessed Lord, your strength accompanies me daily and your presence in my life gives me the security and confidence to face the difficulties that may appear. Thank you for the moments of difficulty that you allowed on this day because I can take refuge in your arms and understand that you are by my side even when I believe that all is lost.

Tonight, I want to ask you for the health of my family, their lives, and their hearts. Lord of my life, thank you for keeping us healthy, for looking after the roads we travel on, and making our return home pleasant. Let us continue to be united and reflect your love in our home. Thank you, Holy Father, because you don’t let us go through our needs and you always have, for us, a plate of food to share.

Merciful God, now I am about to rest, alleviate my fatigue, and heal the reluctance that today’s routine generated in me. Allow me to take shelter in your hand and listen to a sweet melody from your lips, to help me fall asleep and give me the hope of having a new awakening.

Remove from my mind all worry, all bad thoughts, and all pain. I ask that my sins be absolved and forgiven. Allow me to return to your grace and have a peaceful sleep to rest my body and fill me with you. I ask your forgiveness for the mistakes made on this day, blessed Father.

Heavenly Father, tonight I want to take advantage of it to ask you for the people who are unaware of your existence, for the people who have set their eyes on another horizon, and for those who do not find meaning in their lives. My Lord, grant them the possibility to meet You and to open their hearts towards your truth so that they can clothe themselves with You and have another perspective on life.

Thank you, God, because I have the conviction that my prayers are being heard and I have the assurance that you will watch over my dreams while I sleep. Grant me new dawn if it is your will, in the name of Jesus. Amen.

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