Night Prayer for February 6

It is already night, Holy Father. That is why I want to fall on my knees to thank you for the day that has passed and for the wonderful things you gave me. Thank you for the miracle of life, for allowing me to share it with my family, and thank you for keeping me healthy for the rest of the day.

Tonight, Lord of Mercy, I want to ask you to take care of my dreams, to allow my mind to have inspiring dreams, and to wake up tomorrow with great courage and with renewed faith. Blessed God that my body can recover the energy I used up and that I can rest from the daily routine.

Thank you, Lord, for all the beautiful moments that you helped me enjoy. I am thankful because I was able to share many things with my family. Thank you for the food, for the joy, and the health. Thank you for your efforts, your studies, and the fact that they will be able to support their family as a result of your generosity. My God, thank you for not separating yourself from us during this time and for filling us with your peace and love.

I want to give everything to You, I Want You to take control of my whole life, control of my thoughts and my actions. I want to be a constant offering to You, Lord. I ask you to see with great mercy what I can offer you with all my humility and to take me into account for your plans.

My beloved Father, thank you that your mercy is infinite, that you do not take into account the faults that I may have, and that your love is much more abundant than my guilt because you forgive my mistakes and shower your grace on me and my home.

Father of love, I want tomorrow to be a day where I can solve this conflict that afflicts me so much. Give me the calm and the wisdom to find the right way to give you an alternative solution. I want to understand that in the moments where I need you the most and you seem to be silent, you are much more present, preventing me from getting out of control or despairing.

I thank you again for this day that is now over. Dear Lord, tonight I want to put at your disposal all the burdens that exist in my mind so that I do not stop thinking and torturing myself for situations that I know, you will help me solve. Merciful Father, show me the path I must follow and watch my steps so that they are slow but sure.

Good night, blessed Father, I am about to rest after having this beautiful conversation with you. In the victorious name of your Son Jesus, I am going to sleep very happily because I am certain that it will be a day full of good things and many opportunities to achieve. Amen.

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