Night Prayer for February 7

Dear God, I come to you tonight on my knees to thank you for all the details in my life. Thank you for providing me with the health to carry out all of my tasks and activities; thank you for surrounding me with many people who want the best for me, and thank you for that infinite love that I can feel day in and day out.

My Lord, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of the experiences I’ve had. Thank you for the good times. For those that brought satisfaction and joy to my life, for those moments that drew smiles on my face, and for those moments that will make an indelible mark on my mind.

Heavenly Father, thank you for my prosperity in business. Thank you for the economic abundance that I intend to achieve. Thank you that you have given me skills for my work or my daily activities. Thank you for the gifts that I have that allow me to find your favorite.

I also have to thank you for the moments of difficulty, for the illness that I am suffering, for the debts that I have, for the unemployment that I am going through, for the mistakes that meant discomfort in my marriage or for the family problems that are inside my house.

Thank you because you did not leave me at all these times. Thank you because you are present to give me hope and thus allow me to succeed in these tests. Oh good Lord, be my doctor, Lord, be my friend, and be the word of love that we are waiting to hear to forgive and move forward on this hard path of life.

Divine Lord, I want to ask You tonight for those people who are going through moments of confusion, moments of anguish, anger, and sadness. So that you can have compassion on their lives, remove suspicion, envy, and anger from their hearts, and teach them to forgive, so that they can have humility as a new way of life, and find fulfillment in service to feel your presence in their lives.

God of my life, help me to be able to fall asleep, to have a rest that is favorable to me and thus be able to regain my energy, fill me with your strength, and maintain the hope of doing things much better tomorrow.

Thank you, Lord, that I have faith that my prayer is being heard tonight because I will sleep with the full certainty that you will be the guardian of my dreams and that you will keep the enemy from this room. Thank you for your mercy and your love. My good God, stay by my side tonight and give me the possibility of having a beautiful and new sunrise, I ask you in the name of the mercy of Jesus. Amen.

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