Night Prayer for February 8

Merciful God, thank you for granting me the happiness of ending one more day under your watchful eye. Thank you because during all these moments, you never left my side and you were always attentive to my prayers. Now I just want to rest to regain the strength I lost on this long journey.

My Lord, I am immensely happy because I can recognize that you were present at the blessings that knocked on my door today. Thank you because I was able to successfully carry out all the plans that I had raised. Thank you that I was able to feel the power of your love through the people you put in my path and because you preserved my health throughout the day.

I also want to thank you for the moments full of difficulty, moments of anguish and sadness, because I know that you do not let go of my hand, because I know that you are always close and because I can find comfort in your presence. Thank you for not allowing me to be defeated, for always giving me the encouragement to continue and to continue with perseverance on your path, Holy Father.

Blessed God. I want to thank you for the infinite mercy that you showed me. Thank you, because from your hand I obtained everything I needed to be able to live in peace. Thank you, Lord, because despite my sins, you continue to love me more every day. You are still aware of my demands, and you protect me from the enemy under the shadow of your wings.

This serene night, Holy Lord, I want to ask you for my family: that you never leave them without shelter and that you lend your ear to listen to them constantly. I ask you to increase unity and understanding within our home, to be able to solve the problems that may grow from within our home.

Thank you because tonight we were able to return safely from where we had to be and because, gathered at the table, we were able to share the food that you provided us without fail. Lord, thank you that you make my family a family full of You and through our love, the love of God can be experienced.

Tonight I want you to take the worries, sadness, and bad moments away from here. I offer them completely to You so that You can help me to rest and not lose concentration on the things that You will help me solve. Lord, I believe in You, I trust You and I give You my love entirely.

Thank you again, Lord, because tonight your love is present and because I can feel your mercy. Thank you because I know that my prayer is being heard and because you will do everything at the necessary time and for the necessary reasons. Give me one more day of life, if it is your will, in the blessed name of our Savior Jesus Christ. Amen.

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