Night prayer for February 9

My Lord, I come before you tonight to kneel and thank you for your protection throughout the day. Thank you, my God, because you kept me healthy because you took care of the steps and the decisions that I made throughout this journey. Now I just want to rest and ask you to give me one more day of life tomorrow morning.

Wonderful God, thank you for the blessings that I was able to receive today. Thank you to my family. Thank you for my work and for the various activities that I did and that was to your liking. Lord, you were vigilant at all times and did not let go of my hand when adversity knocked on the door of my home.

Tonight, I want to give you my tiredness and my fatigue. I want you to grant me the possibility of having a pleasant rest that can replenish my strength and relax my mind. I want to wake up very lucid so I can finish the plans that were left unfinished today. Put away the thoughts of defeat and fear, that my mind can understand that I am brave and invincible when You are with me.

My God, I want to ask you not to take into consideration the mistakes that I could make. Sorry for my weaknesses and for the mistakes I committed against my brothers. Tonight, I implore your mercy so that I can rest peacefully without being disturbed by anything.

Come tonight to my room with your Holy Spirit and clean the stains that are in my soul, repair the cracks in my heart and renew me as your child. I trust that you will do so, Holy Father. I trust that there is a plan that has my name on it that you have been preparing for me.

God of mercy, draw me close to You night after night so that in the silence of my room I can recognize your voice that calls me to be part of your work. Illuminate any darkness that exists in my life and guide me in the true ways to find the happiness that I am looking for.

When times get tough, help me understand that you allow these tests to know how strong I am, how much I need you, and how great my faith is. However, I want to ask you once again about the plans I have for my life so that you consider them and determine what is necessary for me.

Blessed Father, I know that everything I am asking of you in my humble prayer is being heard. If it is your will, allow me to have another day to share with my family and my friends. Make my heart understand how to seize these opportunities and enjoy them to the fullest in the company of your Son, Jesus. Amen.

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