Night Prayer for February 10

Precious Father in heaven, I am grateful for the beautiful day you gave me to live. Thank you, because on this day I was able to accomplish a lot for myself and my family. Thank you because you were by my side and kept me healthy by protecting each of the steps I took.

I don’t want to go to rest without first raising my humble prayer to the firmament where you are. Lord Almighty, thank you for removing all kinds of evil from my life and keeping me safe from the temptations of the enemy. Thank you for the wisdom you gave me to decide in the best way and to have the prudence to live this day.

Father of mercy, I ask your forgiveness if at any time I took actions that did not please you if at any time I showed weakness and was not firm in supporting my decisions. Forgive me for acting indifferent and being insensitive to the situations of my brothers. I’m sorry for my arrogance and for not accepting my mistakes. Holy Father, give me the grace of your mercy so I can rest calmly.

Tonight, Holy God, allow my body to rest and my mind too. Maybe tomorrow will be much better than today. Wonderful Creator, I ask you to shower your blessings on me and my home.

Eternal Creator, tonight I want to thank you for my family, for the miracle of their lives, and for sharing them with me. Thank you, because in them I can find the understanding, affection, and support that I need. Thank you for taking care of them during the day and for not allowing the enemy to stalk you with their bad intentions.

Thank you because you have allowed us to return to our home with good and safe steps. Blessed Father, help us to become strong from our hearts, teach us to pray and forgive. Increase our faith and allow us to continue trusting your words.

My Lord, I feel very exhausted by the day that I had to live. However, I place myself in front of You to ask You to alleviate the pain that I may feel, to alleviate the sadness that I have had to experience. My Lord, pour out your mercy on my life because I want to clothe myself with your calm and your peace.

Holy Father, I thank you because I am very sure that my prayer was heard and that you were attentive to my call. I ask you to allow me to have a new awakening with much more desire to achieve my goals and desires. Allow me to rest calmly in the company of blessed Jesus. Amen.

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