Night Prayer for February 11

Holy Father, tonight I want to thank you for everything you allowed me to achieve. Thank you because you gave me the health to carry out my activities and because, throughout the day, you gave me protection under the shadow of your wings.

My good Lord, I want to ask your forgiveness if I have made mistakes that could have offended my brothers or were unpleasant in your eyes. Blessed Father, I ask your forgiveness if at any time I was overcome by my weaknesses and gave way to my doubt, my arrogance, or my lack of love. I want to rest tonight but am reconciled with your grace. That is why I kneel before You, sorry for everything, and I come to beg forgiveness.

Merciful God, I want to thank you because you allowed my family to have a day of many blessings. Thank you because you kept us healthy. Thank you because you poured out your holy spirit on each of our hearts, taking care of every step we took to the millimeter and watching over the decisions we made. My Lord, thank you for taking care of our lives, for removing evil from our home, and for keeping us together in constant prayer.

Powerful Creator, I thank you because you do not abandon us at any time. Thank you because you increase the love and understanding between us to get out of the problems and difficult situations that may arise. I ask you, tonight, not to leave us alone in moments of anguish, in moments where sorrow is great and when we feel we can’t take it anymore. Dear Heavenly Father, be our best friend and remain faithful in all adversity.

God of goodness, I give you all my fatigue, all my weariness, and all my worries. This evening I want to focus on being able to rest and recover the strength that has been spent on this day. Allow me to renew my energies and my heart through rest and tranquility.

My Lord, free my mind from worries and help me understand that everything will have a solution if you are on my side. I want to completely trust you, to abandon myself in your arms, to give me shelter, and to cover me with your powerful mantle, so that I don’t have to fear tonight and can rest watching by you.

Thank you again for the day you granted me. Thank you for all its moments, because behind them there was always a lesson to be obtained. My good God, I have the joy of reaching the end of the day and being in your presence, because I will look for you at all times because you have become a necessity for me.

Thank you, my Lord, because I am sure that my prayer will be heard tonight and that I will have the joy of receiving blessings from your hands. Thank you, Holy Father, because tomorrow will be a beautiful day, full of many new opportunities that I must make the most of and live them with great enthusiasm, in the incomparable name of Jesus Christ, our Lord, Amen.

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