Night Prayer for February 12

Dear God of Heaven, the night has arrived, and I kneel before you, thanking you for all the moments you have given me throughout the day. Thank you for giving me the health to enjoy these moments, and thank you for the wonderful blessings you have bestowed upon me. Now I am about to rest, trusting that you will grant me one more day of life by your side.

Blessed God, thank you for your presence next to me tonight; thank you for your love that surrounds my entire room and allows me to rest in your peace. Take away from here all feelings of sadness, grief and reluctance. Do not let me sleep until I have blessed and honored you for your wonders in my life.

Father of kindness, tonight I also want to ask you for all those people who are going through hard times in their lives, for those who experience the pain of illness, for those who experience the anguish of bad news, or who are worried about some situation. Adverse economy. May they find calm, wisdom, and strength in You. May they not despair easily and may they not stop trusting your word despite these moments of tension. Pour your peace on their hearts, blessed Lord.

My Lord, I must thank you for giving me the grace to keep myself healthy throughout the day. Thank you for taking care of my steps and for giving me the sense to make the decisions that were favorable for my life. Thank you because you illuminate my paths and do not let me fall into the temptations of the enemy. However, blessed God, if at any point during the day I make a mistake that offends your name, I beg your pardon. Do not consider my faults, beloved God, but grant me the grace of your forgiveness.

I want to offer you all the difficult moments that I had today, my mistakes, my sins, my sadness, and my sorrows so that it is You who can turn them into joy. I am tired of the pain and I come to ask you to rest for my heart.

My eternal God, tonight I want you to bless my family and protect my place. I want you to not forsake us in difficult times and be the center of our joy in moments of rejoicing. There is nothing else to do, just believe and trust your promises. My Lord, you do everything perfectly and at the right times.

Wonderful God, Thank you again for this day that you gave me. Thank you because in many moments I felt your Word, which gave me the encouragement to continue and not give up. Thank you because you are always ready to respond to my call and to attend to my pleas. Blessed God, I want to find happiness in the simplest things that come from You.

Heavenly Father, I thank you because I know that my prayer is heard and that you will grant me the desires of my heart at the times you think are appropriate. My Lord, now I am about to rest my body in the hope of obtaining the gift of a new awakening by your side. I stay with you in the name of Jesus, our Redeemer. Amen.

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