Night Prayer for December 2

Our Divine Lord, one more night I approach You to thank You for all the moments lived on this day. Thank you Father, because you wrapped my life with your arms and you took care of all the evils that exist in the world. If you are with me, I feel like a child who abandons himself without fear to his father’s lap.

Throughout the day you guided me with a lot of love and prepared every word that I had to say and every action that I had to take. Thank you, Oh my God, for the wonderful things that you put in my path, for that which reminds me that you created everything for me and me.

I want to thank you tonight, heavenly Father, for my family. Thank you because through them you show me your love, in each of the beautiful moments that I was able to share with them. My Lord, give me the happiness of having one more day by your side, keep us united and with a lot of disposition for your work. Help us to pray together and increase our faith amid trials and difficulties.

I thank you for the good and bad things that happened to me on this day. I ask you, Lord, to help me resolve my pending issues. Give me the necessary rest to regain my strength and to be able to resume everything I have to do tomorrow. Heavenly Father, I offer all my goals to You and I leave them in your hands so that your will may be done.

My body is worn out as is my mind. Divine Lord, grant me the peace and tranquility that I need to be able to rest without worries and disturbances. While I sleep, I know who can take care of and watch over my dreams, preventing the evil enemy from approaching my home.

Thank you, my God, because your mercy never forsakes us, because there is always a plate to share on my table, because I am not lacking in the dress and because you remove the fear from my heart, giving me a constant fighting spirit to keep me standing in the battle.

Protect me from all feelings of sadness and anguish. I want you to be my joy for the rest of my days and for your holy name to be at the forefront of my life and my home.

 I will go to rest confident that you will give me a much better day because you are listening to my plea. I close my eyes with the certainty that the rays of the sun will wake me up tomorrow morning to have a day full of health, blessings and prosperity, in the precious name of Jesus Christ, our Lord, Amen.

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