Night Prayer for February 13

Beloved Father, God of mercy and truth, tonight I can only thank you because you allowed me to get to the end of the day. Thank you because your great power and the brightness of your love enveloped me throughout my journey. Thank you because you stayed faithful and by my side. Thank you for being my friend. There is no one like you, lovely Lord.

My Lord, tonight I feel great joy because I know that you are by my side in the storms of my life, that you cover me with your wings, giving me security. Infuse me with courage, Holy Father, to face the problems that come my way, to come out of the adversities that lie ahead. Lord, fight this hard battle with me, lead me on the path of victory.

God of eternity, I want to take advantage of this night to ask you to shower blessings on my family, to ask you to continue taking care of them, leading them along the paths of victory. Do not allow the enemy to try to take over their hearts and let your light illuminate all the darkness that tries to remain in their lives. Lord, you know perfectly well that they are the most important people to me and that I need their well-being to be happy.

Help us to keep faith at every moment, teach us to forgive, and we can recognize our mistakes. Give us humility and a spirit of service, so that when there are times of need, we can intervene to give favor to those most in need. Blessed God, be the lamp that illuminates the nights of sorrow. Shine in our hearts, Holy Father. May we be witnesses to your love and reflections on your existence.

Precious God, I want to give You all the plans I have for the future, all my wishes and desires, so that You take charge of my life and allow me to fulfill what I want and need. Let me feel your love and the grace of your forgiveness.

Before resting, I want to ask you for all those people who have bad moments, moments of difficulty, and moments of sadness. Lord, do not forget their hearts, remind them that they are also your children, that hardships do not cloud their faith, and do not make them leave your side. Lord, pour out your holy healing spirit on their broken souls and heal the cracks that the enemy caused.

Blessed Lord, tonight I give you my fatigue and my concern so that you can relieve them and give me the rest that I require, that you can give me the possibility of renewing my strength and thus face a new day full of many possibilities to achieve everything for which I always fight.

Heavenly Father, I thank you because I have the full conviction that things will happen according to your holy will and that I do not have to despair and I must continue trusting in your promises. Blessed God, now I am about to rest, asking for peace of mind and a new tomorrow to make the most of it, in the precious name of Jesus, Amen.

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