Night Prayer for February 14

My good Lord, tonight I want to thank you for being with me at all times. Thank you because the day ends and you stay by my side. Thank you for always being there for me, for your encouragement to keep moving forward, and for keeping me healthy so that I can carry out the daily activities that will bring me favor in my life. Lord, your love surrounds me tonight and I feel happy about it.

Tonight, I want to adore you, exalt you, and thank you because I can shine with your light tonight. I want to raise my prayers with great humility and not give up on the trials that come my way. Blessed God, in the tranquility of my room, I want you to take care of me and protect me. I want to stay with You at all times. I want you to be my faithful companion on this journey.

Merciful Lord, I do not want to go to rest without first being in grace with you. Forgive my sins and pour out your mercy on my faults. I don’t want to imagine how empty my heart would be without your presence. Blessed Lord, wash away the stains that are on my soul and relieve the sorrows that I have in my head. Lord, you are the liberator of my life. I have nowhere to go and without your love, I would not have the strength to continue. Grant me the grace of your forgiveness.

God of goodness, I want to thank you because you keep my family healthy and take care of the steps they take. Thank you because you allowed them to return home safely and well. Thank you for your studies, for your work, and for your heart.

Thank you because you keep us united and because you make us strong in your presence. Grant us the grace to be bearers of your message of peace and to be a testimony of your love with our lives.

Blessed Lord, help me solve the big problem I’m going through: an illness, a big debt, family problems, or any situation that causes me concern. Allow me to analyze the options that are presented so that I can make the best decisions that make the problem clearer. Walk with me, Holy Father. I am confident that I can achieve everything if you are with me.

Thank you for all of the moments I was able to share with you on this day, both good and bad, because you never leave me, even when I think you’re not there. Blessed Lord, you manifest yourself in the simplest things of your creation. Help me to recognize your face in street children, in people in need, and in those who are experiencing difficulties in life.

Thank you, Lord, of Mercy, because I know that you are paying attention, and I know that you will grant me one more day of life to conclude with the plans that I could not fulfill today. Help me to have a break that can revitalize and replenish me. Watch over my dreams while I sleep, blessed Lord, in the name of Jesus Christ, your beloved Son, Amen.

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