Night Prayer for February 15

Thank you, Lord, because tonight I can feel your presence very close to me. Thank you for all the moments that you allowed me to spend and because I learned many lessons that will allow me to be better. The Lord stays a moment longer by my side and protects me from evil tonight.

Heavenly Father, every night I want to ask you in a special way for this world that is increasingly submerged in darkness. Illuminate the hearts of all people with your resplendent light and give them the possibility of finding hope when they think there will be no more.

Blessed Father, straighten the paths they have decided to take and take care of the steps and decisions they choose for their lives. That they understand that the love of God is the only thing that can change their lives and give them the happiness that they seek so much.

Thank you for my relatives, Holy Father, thank you because you allow them to carry out their daily activities normally, because we remain united and because we pray together. Thank you because you give them health and because we try to get out of difficulties holding your hand.

Thank you for the plate of food that you put on our table. Thank you for the home we have where we can talk about you. Thank you because we feel your love and your blessings throughout the day. Lord, Father of heaven, tonight we want to thank you for all the goodness you put in our way. Thank you because we are not worthy of everything you do for us.

Lord, thank you again for this day that you gave me. Thank you because you allowed me to reach the end of this day enjoying health. Thank you for the life of my family and my friends. Thank you because you put them in the middle of my path to show me your love. Lord of peace, do not allow anything to disturb my rest tonight. Keep away all the intentions of the enemy and give me the tranquility to remove the worries from my mind.

I leave everything to you and I offer it to you, Blessed God, I know that you will solve everything and calm everything down. Do not let me despair on this difficult path; give me the strength to keep moving forward. Give me the spirit of courage and strength to continue persevering and not tire myself with the tests that come tomorrow.

Good night, my Lord, thank you because I know that you pay attention to my prayer, thank you because I am certain that you will grant me another day of life and you will allow me to improve as a person and as your servant. Help me to be able to reconcile the sleep that gives me the possibility of recovering my strength, I ask you and I thank you in the name of Jesus, Amen.

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