Night Prayer for February 16

Thank you, blessed Father. I know that tonight you are close to me, that you are listening to my prayers, and that you remain faithful in every moment. I ask you to watch over my dreams and not let anything disturb me so I can recover the strength I spent on this day. Lord, thank you for the health you lent me today.

Beloved Lord, I want to end the day by worshiping you and thanking you for all the moments you gave me. Thank you because, at every turn, I received a lesson that will help me grow as your servant, as your son. Thank you because you forgive me and because, day by day, you change my heart. Allow me to live in your grace and reconcile with you, Holy Father.

I want to remain in You, blessed God. Help me to have a renewed spirit where service is paramount and love is the reflection of how I know you. Lord, tonight I want you to have my life and use me as an instrument for all the plans you have for the future. Allow me to be guided correctly, Holy Father, and do not allow me to fall prey to temptations or have moments of doubt in my mind.

Holy Father, tonight I want to ask you for my family, so that you can become the center of their lives and that you be present in every moment that they need you. Do not let them forget you, and do not only seek you out in times of distress but also bend their knees to adore you and thank you for the beautiful moments you provide.

Incomparable Lord, make our prayers strong and keep us together at all times. Thank you for placing a plate of food in the middle of my house for us to share. Thank you because you gave us the clothing to cover ourselves and because we have a roof where we can take refuge.

Almighty God, thank you again for this day you gave me. Thank you because you stay with me even when I make mistakes. Thank you because you grant me many blessings even though I don’t deserve them.

Lord, all my desires are for You and I ask you to dispose of them as you see fit. Because your projects are better than mine and your times are better than mine. May your powerful right hand protect me, take care of my rest, and remove from my mind all thoughts of evil that can prevent me from having an inspiring dream for tomorrow.

Good night, beloved Father. If it is your holy will, grant me one more day with many more opportunities to serve you and magnify your name. Blessed be you forever, Lord. Let me rest in peace and with great hope that my heart will be renewed by your hand. All this I ask under the name of Jesus, Amen.

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