Night Prayer for February 17

Precious God of peace and mercy, I come before you tonight to thank you for the lovely day you gave me. Thank you because you preserved me from the evils of the world and gave me the possibility of being healthy and thus carrying out all my personal activities.

Dear Lord, I do not want to go to bed without first being able to praise you in the form of this prayer. Thank you for all the moments that I was able to enjoy. Thank you because I was not afraid to face the adversities of life. Thank you because I can recognize you as my Lord and because you help me to get out of the trials that come my way.

Tonight, I want to thank you, especially for my family, because you don’t leave us alone and because we have the strength to move forward even if the road becomes complicated. Thank you, blessed Lord, for granting us the grace of not experiencing need; for providing us with a plate of food to share or a dress to cover us; and for providing some of us with full health and work that allows us to support our families.

Blessed Heavenly Father, thank you because you keep us safe throughout the day and make us return safely to our home. We can only thank you for your infinite goodness towards us, Oh beloved God.

Merciful God, thank you because, despite the storms in my life, you are still with me. Thank you, even though I show doubts and weaknesses, you stay close to me. Tonight I want to apologize for the mistakes I have made, forgive me for acting with arrogance, and because my words can hurt my brothers.

My Lord, give me the possibility to vindicate myself with the people I hurt, to be able to ask for forgiveness after accepting a mistake and remove from me the pride that does not let me move forward and does not let me grow as a person. My Lord, I put my mistakes under your feet to be corrected.

I thank you again, my God because you are kind to the extreme and because your love has no limits. Tonight I will give you my fatigue and my discouragement. Heal all the bad feelings that can crack my heart so that I can feel your presence guiding and straightening my path.

Good night, my Lord. I thank you because I know that my prayers are being heard. Thank you because I know that you will grant me a break that will restore my strength and because I will have a new day to take your message to people in need and to complete the plans that I could not do today. I give you everything, in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord, Amen.

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