Night Prayer for February 18

Blessed Father of mercy, I thank you because, at the end of this day, I can feel your presence enveloping my entire room. Thank you because I had the joy of sharing many moments today. Thank you, because I felt full of happiness when I felt your presence with me.

Merciful Lord, this night won’t end without me asking for your forgiveness and seeking reconciliation with you. Sorry for the mistakes made throughout this day. Sorry, but my weaknesses are very big and make me fall into constant failure. Help me out of the holes I might fall into, Heavenly Father.

Thank you, blessed God, because throughout the day you took care of my family’s journey because you gave us many moments to share together. Through our prayers, you allow us to get to know you and get closer to you. May we go forward, brave in the way of the Lord.

Thank you, Almighty Lord, because you give us a place to meet, a roof with which we can protect ourselves and rest. Thank you for providing us with the ability to go about our daily lives.Thank you, my Lord, because you renew our hearts daily and because you do not allow our faith to decay.

My Lord, tonight I want to ask you for the leaders of the world, for those who guide large masses with different ideologies, so that you can enlighten their minds and help them make the best decisions that allow society to walk the correct paths. Blessed Lord, may your spirit of kindness rest upon their hearts tonight.

Beloved Father, grant the world much more hope, that it does not lose faith in the face of difficulties. Help them understand that love is the only way and the only truth that we must follow. Pour out your mercy on them and do not let them fall into despair. Lord, if there is someone who can correct everything, it is You. Show us your love daily, Lord.

Dear God, thank you again for everything that happened today, for the good things and the bad, for the things that went as planned and the things that didn’t. Now I just want to get ready to rest with the hope and certainty that your goods will give me a new opportunity to lead me in victory.

My Father, I completely trust you. I do not fear you if you are on my side. Stay here tonight, taking care of my dreams and watching over my sleep. If it is your will, give me a new sunrise to continue, to amend the bad things I did, and to finish the good things I started, I ask you with all my heart, in the name of Jesus, Amen.

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