Night Prayer for February 19

Blessed Heavenly Father, tonight I come before You to thank You for this day that is drawing to a close. Thank you for all the gifts with which you adorn my life. Thank you because you give me moments to enjoy and to remember. The Lord, stay with me tonight, watching over me and protecting my dream.

My Lord and owner of my heart, from the intimacy of my room, I ask that the rest I have revives many things in my life; that you not only give rest to my body but also to my mind. Worries have worn me out a lot, and that’s why I implore your peace and tranquility.

Precious God, thank you because, despite everything, I have very high faith in you. You did not abandon me and you continue to help me get on my feet. Thank you for the strength you give me and for having the certainty that the future will be much better.

Tonight, I want to ask you something different. I want you to come to the aid of the people who need you most in the world: those people who have lost faith in You, who have no peace in their lives, and who have fallen into ruin. My Lord, allow them to correct their paths and return to your presence.

Thank you because you kept track of each of my relatives’ movements throughout the day, and I can tell you that your presence brings us a lot of good luck because of his love. I ask you to give us the understanding to understand each other and to solve problems that may exist between us.

Thank you, my Lord, because you allow us the joy of staying together in the face of all adversity. You give us the strength to keep moving forward and the wisdom to make good decisions. Help us to be constant in our prayers and to learn more about You. Good Father, I ask you for a restful break for them too.

My good God, that you can give me a beautiful sunrise and that you help me live it with much more desirable than today. Lord, give me reasons to keep going and persevering along the way. Help me to be able to achieve the desires of my heart and to be able to carry the message that you have to the people who need it.

Dearest Lord of Love, I raise this prayer with the confidence that it will be heard and that you will grant me a day of great favor tomorrow morning. Help me to be able to fall asleep and recover the strength that I lost on this long day. I ask you and I thank you, in the name of Jesus, Amen.

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