Night Prayer for February 20

Almighty Lord, I prostrate myself before your presence to give you thanks for this day. Thank you because, throughout my day, you were by my side. Thank you because I will rest with thousands of illusions in my mind. Thank you because you don’t let my hope die and because you push my heart to always go forward.

God of peace, I put all my worries and my tiredness at your disposal. Help me to resolve my doubts and alleviate the heavy burdens that I have to carry. My Lord, stay with me at all times. Pour out your peace and mercy on my home to keep me away from the snares of evil.

My Lord, I do not want the day to end without being able to forgive the mistakes made. I ask you to grant me a lot of humility to know how to recognize the things I did wrong in front of You and my neighbor. Blessed Lord, forgive me and heal the wounds in my heart, those wounds that do not let me live as you wish. Cleanse me, Holy Father.

Thank you tonight for the great blessing that is my family. Heavenly Father, thank you because you are a very important part of my day-to-day life. Thank you because you keep us healthy and because you make us return home well enough to be able to share the table after a long day. Protect relatives who are far from home, cover them with your powerful mantle, and keep the dangers of life away from them.

Divine Creator of all, you have the light I need to clarify the paths I must take. Thank you for giving me that strength to fight every moment, because you don’t leave me alone when the night comes. Thank you because you made that moonshine for me and mark the hope of a better future.

Heaven’s merciful Lord, I want to take some time to reflect on all the difficult moments that I had to live through today. Thank you because you did not let me despair and you made me see things with great calm, to see the best solution, to seek help, and to meet with people who support the goal I seek.

I thank you, Precious God, for all the moments you have given me. Thank you to everyone who helped me learn something that will help me improve my life. Thank you because you granted me the happiness of keeping myself in good health because I was able to carry out many activities that were favorable for me and some other actions that could have been pleasing in your eyes.

Loving Father, I thank you once again because I know that my prayers will be heard. Now I only think about resting with the confidence that you will give me a day full of many opportunities to correct my mistakes or to achieve new goals. Blessed are you, my Lord. I will stay with you, in the name of Jesus, our Lord. Amen.

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