Night Prayer for February 21

Beloved Lord, one more night accompanies us, and the day has come to an end. I get on my knees in front of You to thank you for all the good you have done with me. Lord, you are the only reason I am happy. Thank you for being by my side at the end of the day. Watch over my dreams while I sleep and don’t let the enemy take over.

Tonight, I want to ask for your forgiveness, my good God. I want to be able to sleep soundly knowing that I am protected by your grace. Forgive me for the mistakes I may have made and the actions I took that were not to your liking.

My Good Lord, help me to recognize myself as a sinner and to ask for forgiveness from those who have offended me. Don’t let my heart hold grudges, so teach me to remember, but without pain. Lord, help me rest to replenish the strength I spent throughout the day trying to carry out my plans.

I give you all of me: my dreams, my desires, my tiredness, and my worries. Blessed heavenly Father, I want you to dispose of my life as you see fit, I am only an instrument in your great plan, a son who wishes to serve you with love, improving day after day.

Merciful God, pour out your goodness tonight. Protect my home and my family; do not allow the enemy to cause harm or sow insecurity within my home. Lord, cover us with your powerful mantle, give us the tranquility and love we need to make us strong, and support us at all times.

Blessed Lord, thank you because I know that you will be with me to help me solve this big problem that has been bothering me. I want you to be the doctor that helps me overcome this disease, that heals my heart from all the evil that it can store, that you can be the refuge that gives me the security and calm to face the financial debt that worries me.

God of life, do not depart from me in times of storm, help me feel your presence in times where my fear is strong, where my doubt wants to appear, increase my faith, heavenly Father, may your powerful hand help me open paths where it seems that there are no longer.

Thank you, blessed Father, because my prayer is being heard in heaven and because I am certain that you will grant everything, I have asked of you according to my needs. Thank you because I know that I will have a new dawn by your side and because you will not take your protection from me, in the blessed name of Jesus, Amen.

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