Night Prayer for February 23

Beautiful Lord, I thank you because you have allowed me to reach the end of the day with your blessing. Thank you because I have the delight of experiencing your infinite love throughout my entire day. Thank you because you stayed with me at all times, giving me the security to face and overcome all the obstacles that may have come my way.

Blessed God, this beautiful night I want to ask you in a special way for the people who do not have the end of the day as they expected. I ask for those who experience sadness, grief, and helplessness. I ask you for the people who could not complete their plans and plunged into disappointment; for those who doubted you by not having an answer to their goals.

Give them a moment of calm and peace, of hope and illusion, so that they can understand that they must continue to place their trust in you, even if things are not going in the best way. Help them, Holy God, to understand that your times are perfect and that there is a plan with a name for each one of them. May they not be overwhelmed, nor faint, but seek you and find in you the comfort and hope they need.

Heavenly Father, thank you again for the moments that I have lived, for the good and bad moments that you allowed. Thank you for filling my heart with joy and my mind with lessons. Thank you for not leaving me alone when there were moments of sadness and confusion. Thank you for being my God and my friend. Thank you because you will lead me along the paths of victory and salvation.

Wonderful God, may the last conversation of the day be with you. May all my dreams and desires be deposited with you, because you will know when to consider them. I ask you for the protection of my home, my house, and my family. Remove the evils from their lives and help them stay united in the face of any adversity.

Thank you for our work, for our studies, for the love we share, and for the food we have in the middle of our table. Thank you, Holy Father, because we do not have needs that afflict us. Thank you because we can find everything in your beautiful presence.

Heavenly Father, tonight I want to reconcile with you, purify myself for you, and cleanse my soul of the negative things that I was able to absorb. Lord, all mercy in you is infinite, and therefore, I ask you to forgive the mistakes I have made today. Renew my strength, my energy, and my life, give it the shape you want it to have.

Thank you, God, tonight, because you gave me a beautiful day. I hope that I can obtain one more gift of your will and that you grant me dawn full of love and hope. Lord, I am ready to rest my body with the confidence that tomorrow I will have a new day to live in.

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